Monday, June 19, 2006

The Cast of Characters

Me: 40-something; Ivy-League educated woman; non-practicing lawyer licensed in 2 states and 4 Federal courts; mother of three boys; married to a wonderful man; both parents still living.

Wine Guy: my husband; late 40s; a brilliant physician; a good father; makes me laugh, and challenges my thinking. Alternately endearing and enfuriating, but aren't all men.

Wizard: My oldest son, age 10; a very, very smart boy who reads the local paper and the NYT daily; a lazy and manipulative child; loves Harry Potter; loves to read, read, read; nearly as tall as me now.

Wild Thing: My middle son, age 7; the classic middle child; absolutely adorable and funny, too; very musical; has a big stubborn streak; wonderful zest for life; as much street- smarts as book-smarts; a real fighter.

The Moose: my youngest son, age 4; my sugar and my heart; full of wonder and attitude; as physically able as his older brothers; a force to be reckoned (not reasoned) with; nearly reading now; the smartest of the bunch.

The Moms: My circle of Internet friends whom I've known since 1995. They are The Oracle, The Source of Wisdom. They keep me sane.


MLL said...

Great blog, Linda! :-)

Anonymous said...

Good Blog, funny names :) you have to find a name for your visitors :) I have seen a blog that called them Naked Cats. LOL