Friday, September 15, 2006

New Layout

I switched over to Blogger's new beta format for new (and improved) layouts. I did a little tweaking to the look of this blog. Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think. Thanks

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

They're Here!

Just a quick post to say my new washer and dryer were just delivered this morning. They're big, and they're beautiful. I've just registered them online and am going to read the instructions and then I'm going to do my laundry.

Happy dance!

UPDATE 9/13/06: I cannot believe how much faster I can get laundry done with these machines. They hold so many more clothes and wash them with such greater efficiency. Washing time may be a little bit longer, but drying time is significantly reduced. The controls are pretty straightforward, esp. the pre-sets. So far, a great choice.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Getting Things Done

My chronically-depressed but talented handyman finally surfaced again. He's here today fixing All Things Broken and Bashed:
  • the glass medicine cabinet Wild Thing smashed a year ago;
  • the lone towel bar in the boys' bathroom;
  • the hanging, supposed-to-be-bifold door to Moose's closet;
  • the fallen-down, supposed-to-be-bifold door to the boys' linen closet;
  • the guest room towel bar that's often mistaken for gymnastics equipment;
  • the pool bath door stop that's confused with a balance beam.
But wait! There are more things he's going to do that don't involve "fixing". He's installing an additional towel bar in the boys' bathroom. [NB: why did the builder put in only one towel bar in a bath serving three bedrooms? A man must have spec'd it.] He's also going to raise my laundry room cabinet 5" up the wall above the washer. Why? Because {use singsong voice} "I'm getting a washer. I'm getting a washer." And the new washer's lid is taller than the cabinet's clearance.

By now, anyone who reads this blog regularly knows how much I despise my GE appliances. Well, the washer is a Kenmore -- I had to replace the GE washer a couple of years ago. The GE dryer is now fixed, but I want it out of here. I have my eye on Whirlpool's new Cabrio washer and dryer. Yes, folks, that's 4.5 cubic feet of agitator-less washer space. You could fit a dead body in there, or, more precisely, all of Wizard's laundry at one time. The dryer's pretty big, too. They are also supposed to be much quieter than what I have. However, I'm sure WineGuy will complain about the controls. He gets overwhelmed when there's more than 2 dials on anything. I gave in to him last time. Not this time. They're mine, Mine, MINE!! Bwahahahahaha.

Sorry ... momentary washer-mania there. WineGuy will just have to read the instructions. He won't have to do more than push a button or two. Now, I'm ready to hunt down the best price, just as soon as the new dishwasher is installed.

Anybody want to buy a used washer & dryer in good working condition?