Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Up to My Ass in Alligators

Thought I'd add a little visual interest to this post.

It's not enough that:
  • my Dad had surgery last week and is still in the hospital with complications;
  • my mother threw her knee out;
  • the brand-new beautiful plasma TV is "possessed" b/c it turns itself off and on;
  • the cable co. says it's the TV's fault, and the TV service tech says it's the cable co's fault;
  • my digital cable TV service has not worked properly in the 6 weeks I've had it;
  • the cable co. has been out here at least 8 times in that time, and the TV is still having problems;
  • the cable co. rang the doorbell at 8:00 a.m. today;
  • the TV serviceman swore to me last week the TV was fine. It's not
  • the TV needs another warranty service call from the tech 150 miles away;
  • the brand new tires on my car make it shimmy all over the place;
  • Wizard needs new lenses in his glasses;
  • my children behave like wolves.
NOW, my dryer broke. Are you there, G-d? This is not funny anymore. I still have laundry to do for Wild Thing and myself before I can even contemplate packing for our trip to Boston on Saturday. Maybe I'll just go naked. It will be cooler that way.

Appliance update: the dryer motor blew. It will take a couple of days to get a new one installed. I don't have the time, so I'm off to the laundry with big bundles. Wash-dry-fold service for I don't care what it costs per pound, as long as they can get it done today. Don't even speak to me about the heat wave up there.


Mom of 4K said...

Is the Northeast supposed to be cooler by the week-end? :)

Sock Girl said...

Oh my! Big hugs to you! What a lot to deal with. I hope all the people and appliances in your life are up an running smoothly in no time!