Thursday, September 07, 2006

Getting Things Done

My chronically-depressed but talented handyman finally surfaced again. He's here today fixing All Things Broken and Bashed:
  • the glass medicine cabinet Wild Thing smashed a year ago;
  • the lone towel bar in the boys' bathroom;
  • the hanging, supposed-to-be-bifold door to Moose's closet;
  • the fallen-down, supposed-to-be-bifold door to the boys' linen closet;
  • the guest room towel bar that's often mistaken for gymnastics equipment;
  • the pool bath door stop that's confused with a balance beam.
But wait! There are more things he's going to do that don't involve "fixing". He's installing an additional towel bar in the boys' bathroom. [NB: why did the builder put in only one towel bar in a bath serving three bedrooms? A man must have spec'd it.] He's also going to raise my laundry room cabinet 5" up the wall above the washer. Why? Because {use singsong voice} "I'm getting a washer. I'm getting a washer." And the new washer's lid is taller than the cabinet's clearance.

By now, anyone who reads this blog regularly knows how much I despise my GE appliances. Well, the washer is a Kenmore -- I had to replace the GE washer a couple of years ago. The GE dryer is now fixed, but I want it out of here. I have my eye on Whirlpool's new Cabrio washer and dryer. Yes, folks, that's 4.5 cubic feet of agitator-less washer space. You could fit a dead body in there, or, more precisely, all of Wizard's laundry at one time. The dryer's pretty big, too. They are also supposed to be much quieter than what I have. However, I'm sure WineGuy will complain about the controls. He gets overwhelmed when there's more than 2 dials on anything. I gave in to him last time. Not this time. They're mine, Mine, MINE!! Bwahahahahaha.

Sorry ... momentary washer-mania there. WineGuy will just have to read the instructions. He won't have to do more than push a button or two. Now, I'm ready to hunt down the best price, just as soon as the new dishwasher is installed.

Anybody want to buy a used washer & dryer in good working condition?


Anonymous said...

Ha ha...enjoyed the washer-mania moment.

Enjoy your new Whirlpool appliances!

Sock Girl said...

Yeah!!! I love when stuff gets done! Can't even imagine a washer big enough to wash the kids and their clothes at teh same time :-) Enjoy your new appliances. You DEFINITELY deserve them!

Anonymous said...

Think twice about the Cabrio washer from Whirlpool! Had it for 2 months and now not working. Waiting on part and it appears many others are having trouble with this washer, specifically getting "F51" error code.