Monday, December 25, 2006

Holiday Drivel

So much for Holidailies. I guess I ran out of steam in December. Today's installment is a bunch of this and that.

Department of Humor:
  • We were driving along the main road in our city, passing by a steakhouse. Wizard asked what the quality of the food was. Wild Thing chimed in "Is it better than Outhouse Steak House?" Bwahahaha, he meant "Outback Steak House"! How appropriate.
  • Yesterday, we spent the day on the East Coast of Florida visiting my parents and WineGuy's parents. As we drove through my in-laws' senior citizens community, we got "stuck in traffic" (you should pardon the expression). On the minimally-trafficked side road that leads to their condo, we got stuck behind a geezer on a tricycle, riding slower than a Galapagos tortoise down the middle of the road. He had oversized mirrors on each side of the bike and was wearing glasses. Somehow, he failed to see or hear my full-size minivan behind him. Once we stopped howling, I politely asked him to pull over so I could pass him. My MIL informed me he's a close friend of theirs. OMG.
Department of Health:
  • We visited my parents yesterday. My dad doesn't look so good. He's more decrepit than when we saw him in rehab in September. I don't think he's eating well enough or getting nearly enough exercise. However, he was sharp as a tack when discussing my new birthday necklace with me. [NB: WineGuy was baffled at the high-level jewelry talk. My parents had their own jewelry store for many years. My mother's father and great-uncle were in the business. When I ran my parents' stores, I was 4th-generation in the business.]
  • I finally sat down with WineGuy last night. We had a frank discussion about his health and the Thanksgiving drama. We straightened things out between us, and the world is right again. We talked about what happened, how he would have preferred I handle things. I laid out my fears, and we agreed to learn and move forward. BTW, he's feeling much better, and he looks great. He's trying very hard to lead a healthy lifestyle, and he wishes I would, too. One of these days....
Finally, I owe a debt of gratitude to my dear friend, Calvin. She is a fellow attorney with her own practice. Her boys are the almost the same ages as Wild Thing and Moose. I called her at the last minute on Friday night to see if she could go to the movies. Calvin jumped at the chance, and we went to see "The Holiday" with Kate Winslet, Jude Law, and Jack Black. It was a real chick-flick, a romantic comedy, and just what we needed. The price of admission alone was worth it to look at Jude Law for 2 hours. Afterward, we went out for a late supper. We had a deep and meaningful conversation about forgiveness and understanding. We enjoyed a vicious little discussion about a nasty case she took on this week. It felt good to exercise those my legal muscles, but it felt better to talk personal things over with another intelligent woman who's married to a proud yet private man.


Christina said...

I am so glad that you got to have those conversations with your friend and DH. I tell ya, the month of December seems always saddled with conflict in our lives. Last year it was my internet friends who had some rough patches and stress. This year it seems you and I both have had some communication struggles with our partners. Taking some quiet time to slow down and talk is just the best.

LSM said...

I'm so glad you and Wine Guy were able to clear the air. I've been worried about you. Here's to smooth marital sailing in the future and to more frequent opportunities to see great looking men on screen while in the company of good friends!

Kel said...

happy days are here again . . .
holidays sometimes offer time to talk about things, and it's good to hear your dad is mentally sharp

Don't think I picked up earlier that you were from a jewellers' family. For a short period last year I edited the aussie industry mag.

My mum gave me a lovely pearl and shell necklet for xmas. One of the nicest pieces I now own.

Sock Girl said...

I'm so glad things are going better with Wine Guy. You really didn't need that kind of stress. I do hope you take his advice and take better care of yourself as well!

Glad you had yourself a girl night too. Great therapy!