Saturday, December 30, 2006

Mama Has A Brand New Blog

Lots of people have been requesting some recipes I've mentioned here over the months, so I created a new blog: The Need To Feed. It will contain recipes and some food talk. Let me know what recipes you'd like from what I've mentioned in this blog.


BunnyBubblette said...

Cool idea! Do you want to try out other people's recipes? I'm not much of a cook, but I have a few favorite recipes that I make when I have to make something. A guy at work had a party at his house several years ago, and he had this brocolli salad, which I thought was awesome. He gave me the recipe, and the ingredients looked absolutely AWFUL!! If I hadn't tasted it first, I never would have believed that those ingredients mixed together could be anything other than sickening. I made it a week ago to take to my sister's house for Christmas, and it was a big hit.

The man who originally gave me the recipe was a nice Jewish man, and I think he said the recipe came from a cookbook that his synagogue had compiled from recipes from the congregation.

Robin said...

Cool beans!!!

The stuffed peppers you mentioned. Please, please, please. I'm not begging or anything. Just asking. :)

Sock Girl said...

Very cool idea. We are not a household of adventurous eaters, but I really look forward to seeing "what's cooking" over there!