Monday, December 11, 2006

Monday's Meme 12/11/06

For some reason I find my authorial wellspring dry most Mondays. A meme is one way to get my juices going again. Here are this week's questions:

What is the "turning point" in your life?
People have more than one turning point in their lives. My first turning point was the loss of my first love. He really broke my heart and broke my spirit. It took me months to overcome the depression I felt at that rejection. The next turning point came when my brothers accused me of being "just like my mother". At the time, that wasn't something admirable, and I knew it. So I worked on myself, trying to grow into a positive likeable person. Another turning point was when WineGuy brought love into my life. The whole world opened up, and my life changed direction again, for the better. I've been through another turning point recently with WineGuy's illness. My life and my health are finite, and I need to pay better attention to them.

Is there a promise that you keep making to yourself? If so, what is it?
Yes, I keep promising myself that I'm going to lose a lot of weight. I need to. I've gained and lost many pounds over the years but have never successfully maintained a significant weight loss. If I don't get my health in order now, I will face most of the health crises that have affected my father in the last 20 years: high blood pressure, vascular disease, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis.

Is there a time in your life that you've been given a second chance?
Yes, although the subject is not one I can or will discuss publicly. I am grateful for being shown a better way to live my life.

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Robin said...

My answer to the second question would've been about the same. It's funny how awareness of our mortality escapes us during the years when it would be easier to lose weight and build good health. Watching my older family members go through health problems has opened my eyes, that's for sure.