Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Tale of the Swale – The End

As fate would have it, The Hillbillies wanted to move in around Thanksgiving. The scare with WineGuy really put things in perspective for me, so I decided to just settle with the neighbors. Most people told me to stand my ground and make them pay for their error, but Rambling Mom gave the most sage advice. She reminded me that we were going to be neighbors for a long time, and that I should find a way to compromise and be done with the mess. She was right.

When I got back from the ER, I drove up to The Hillbillies and worked everything out. They filled the swale and graded it properly. They're moving and fixing the sprinkler heads. They're putting new sod down. And, we'll see how everything works when the rainy season returns next summer. The 'Billies will put in extra drains or pipes if needed.

In the meantime, I got a tour of their house ... ugly, totally overdone, badly laid out, esp. for having triplets. But, they were kind enough to give me a tour. They had assumed that I, like every other nosy neighbor on the block, had walked through the house. Nope, not me. I told Mr. 'Billie, "It's not my house, and I wouldn't go in unless invited." That's when he gave me the tour.

The 'Billies seem to be nice people. Mrs. 'Billie is pregnant with fertility triplets. They have a 4 y/o boy, whom we have not met. Moose would love to meet him and have carte blanche to the Country Jamboree playhouse. Hillbilly contractors certainly have been reasonable to deal with, too, which is surprising. Maybe I need to be more trusting, like my dad, instead of always suspicious, like my mom.

One good note: they painted the exterior of the playhouse dark brown. It is far less offensive now than that horrible blue. I'll post a photo later.

Maybe it's the spirit of the season ... maybe it's the reality check WineGuy and I just had ... but I'll live longer if I am nicer.


Kel said...

nosy neighbours walking through house sites? oh, I can relate to that

you have just won my 'nicest neighbour' award for not doing it until you were invited :)

LSM said...

I'm glad you've gotten things settled for now and that you're off to a good start now with the neighbors. Hopefully no more drainage issues will surface, so to speak.

Sock Girl said...

Wow. I don't know that I would have been so nice. But you did the right thing.

Rambling Mom said...

WOW -- I gave sage advice. COOL. I'm glad once in a while I say something useful - from my name we know that I ramble A LOT!!!

And Alto2 for what it's worth -- if being nicer will make you live longer BE NICE!!! We want you around for a LONG time.