Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Body Views

I picked up this thread from As The Tumor Turns.
Your mission: list at least five things you love about your body and yourself. Five is the floor; you can always do more. And no self-deprecation! No offsetting a compliment with a dig.
Lymphopo queried how you respond to this challenge when your body ceases to be all the things it was, when you can no longer define yourself as you once did. In her case, cancer treatment has left her body a mere shell of what it was physically. She gave her body credit for surviving the toxic attack of chemotherapy.

It got me thinking. Could I list five things I love about my body without saying something self-deprecating? Here goes nothing:
  1. Despite my weight, my blood pressure is normal. I will have a physical this year and have a full blood chemistry done.
  2. My ankles and my wrists are the smallest parts of me.
  3. I have great hair. No matter how I color it, highlight it, cut it or not, it is shiny, healthy and thick. It's my mother's hair – even when she lost half of hers during her chemo treatment 15 years ago, she still had a head full of hair, and it came back beautifully.
  4. My body is still attractive to my husband after all these years. There's just more of me than when we married.
  5. My voice is my favorite part of me. Whether it's singing, telling stories in funny voices, or yelling at top volume, my voice identifies me.
Can you list five things about your body that you love?


Robin said...

I saw this at As the Tumor Turns and wondered if I could meet the challenge.

I'm still wondering.

Well done on your list. :)

Christina said...

I'll ponder that and put it on my blog tomorrow.

I immediately thought of your hair and eyes - both so gorgeous! But you are right - your voice IS you and it is awesome.