Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Moose On The Loose

While I loafed through New Year's Day – slept late, watched the Rose Parade, and saw "Dreamgirls" – Wizard got industrious and removed the training wheels from Moose's bicycle. Truth be told, Moose had pretty much wrecked those training wheels, and they were ready to come off.

As I drove in from the movie theater, the boys quickly scrambled to attention. Very suspicious. Wizard said, "Mom can you come outside in 5 minutes." I answered, "What are you guys up to?" Silence. "I want to talk to Dad for a little while," I added. Wizard agreed. A few minutes later, Wizard summoned us outside. Lo and behold, there was our 4 year-old "baby" riding his 2-wheeled bike! Moose has had the bike for about a year and probably never needed training wheels. He is far more athletic and coordinated than Wild Thing, who mastered the 2-wheeler only a year earlier.

Moose was really funny (and dangerous) riding the bike. He couldn't turn too well, so every time he changed direction he fell over, like Arte Johnson in the tricycle bit from "Laugh-In." He could only stop by riding into the grass; he almost took out my neighbor's mailbox. Every time Moose fell over he'd grumble, "You stupid bike!" or "You imbecile!" WineGuy and I could not stop laughing. Moose kept riding into the street, and I kept yelling at Wizard to keep him out of the street. Moose has no regard for traffic on our quiet street, despite great efforts to teach him to stop and look both ways. Wild Thing is almost as bad, although I just lectured him that he is now responsible for Moose when they go riding together. WT will certainly enjoy his little power-trip serving as traffic cop for Moose.

It's only a matter of time before these hooligans go racing up and down the street together. Wizard can't wait, and neither can I.


LSM said...

Wow! What an accomplishment for Moose. None of my kids mastered a bike without training wheels so young. I hope the boys enjoy many great bike rides together.

Robin said...

The visual (via your description using Arte Johnsons's tricycle bit) cracked me up. I wonder if you have to be of a certain age to know who Arte Johnson -- and the tricycle bit -- is.

Well done, Moose! I think my boys were a little older before they managed a two-wheeler without help from training wheels.

MLL said...

Yay for Moose! Did you like Dreamgirls? We saw it recently too. Here's a hint: do NOT go to to find out more about the movie....its
The former will give you an
eyefull :-)

Rambling Mom said...

How do they grow so quick??

Sock Girl said...

Congratulations Moose!

Christina said...

Moose sounds like my little guy! We never even bothered with the training wheels for him. He was racing around like that at the same age - also with no ability to stop! It was so funny. What a very cool thing for all the boys to do together.