Wednesday, February 14, 2007

What I Love About You

It seems like many of my friends and blogmates are having rough times right now. I want to pull myself out of the pity-party and spread a little love around this Valentine's Day 2007.

WineGuy: I love you because you're brilliant and funny and worldly and wise. I love you because you are patient and kind, even when I am a stark, raving succubus on a broom. I love you for watching my stupid TV shows with me. I love you for your fierce loyalty and dedication to your family and craft.

Wizard: I love you because you are the most amazingly bright boy I have ever met. I love you because you are an old soul in a new body. I love you for sharing my passion in reading, especially Harry Potter, and for burying yourself in a book and shutting out the world, just like me. I love you because you're helpful when I ask, and even when I don't sometimes. I love you for being a wonderful big brother to Wild Thing and Moose.

Wild Thing: I love you for your indomitable spirit. You give meaning and life to the word "fighter". I love your dimpled smile and luscious lashes. I love you your silly sense of humor and your enthusiasm for life. I love your perseverance and courage to tackle things that don't come easily to you. I love you for your ability and willingness to play for hours with Moose, even though it means the upstairs will be trashed beyond recognition. I love your musical ability and for sharing my love of music and singing.

Moose: I love you because you're my baby boy, even though you'll be as big as me in no time. I love you because you learn things so fast: reading, writing, riding a bike. I love you for your musicality at such a young age. I love your tenderness and gentle streak, despite your "tough guy" image. I love your baby-toothed smile and your rosy, chubby cheeks. I love you for your willingness to learn; your mind is like a sponge.

August Moms: I love you all for your collected wisdom. I love you all for your humor and for keeping me grounded through these child-rearing years. I love you for running my life and for allowing me to run yours. I love you for the tremendous support system you have been to me in my life and to all the rest who have needed you and still do. I love you for your diverse opinions; even though we may disagree, I still listen to you. If I listed you individually, I would certainly overlook someone and offend them, which I dare not do.

BFF: I love you more than a sister because we chose each other as friends. I love you for being smarter than me and always knowing the right thing to say. I love you for standing by me in the darkest hours of my life. I love you for making time for me despite your busy life. I love you for your friendship that carries me through my life.

Calvin: I love you, too, for your wisdom and candor. I love you for all the free legal advice and for allowing me to give you some, too, even though it's probably malpractice! I love you for your spontaneity and willingness to run out for a bagel or off to the movies at a moment's notice. I love you for raising such wonderful boys who are friends to my boys.

The California Girls/Twins: I love you for being and remaining my friends for forty – 40! – years. I love you for staying in touch and still caring about me and my family.

Spy: I love you for your steadfast friendship for thirty years. I love your stability and your candor and your dry, wry wit. I love you for your love and understanding of the wide world. I love you for keeping me tethered to the insider's DC, the one only we natives understand.

My Blog Readers: I love you for showing up regularly to read the trivial nonsense in my life. I can't believe you find this blather interesting, but Christina reminds me that my quotidian drama may be fascinating to someone else.

Happy Valentine's Day 2007 to you all!


Sock Girl said...

I love you for your unabashed honesty, your love for and loyalty to your family, your intelligence and humour, and your support and friendship. Happy Valentine’s Day Alto2.

LSM said...

Beautiful! We love you too. Happy Valentine's Day.

Robin said...

What a lovely way to celebrate Valentine's Day! :)

I love you for your wit and wisdom, your yummy recipes, your great advice, and the fact that I can usually find a smile in your blog posts, even when you're having a bad day.

paige said...

You are fab. Happy V Day!b