Thursday, March 01, 2007

Busy Boys

It's been a busy week here in The Zone. I'm feeling a bit better, but still not 100%. WineGuy is very busy at this time of year: it's the height of tourist season here in SW Florida, and there are lots of patients to be seen. Another doc is joining his practice this week, but the new doc has not wrapped up his old practice in a timely or efficient fashion. It has placed a lot of stress on the rest of the practice. A second new doc is supposed to join the group next week, but he can't make up his mind about his work schedule – although his wife has already called about the compensation plan – and this is no help.

Last Saturday everyone was supposed to be home at The Zone. WineGuy decided to drive to Miami for the South Beach Wine Festival hosted by The Food Network. He did not buy tix in advance because he was waiting for me to get a sitter to stay with the boys. My sitter never gave me an answer, and by the time WineGuy pressured me, there were no more tickets left. He was angry and grumbling and scrambling to find a last-minute ticket online. I told him to just go for it and drive to Miami and scalp a ticket. He reluctantly took my advice. As he walked up to the registration desk, another patron walked up looking to get rid of tickets he couldn't use. O, happy day! WineGuy paid the other man cash for his ticket and spent the entire day endulging his passion for wine. He stopped drinking early enough to be sober to drive home.

In the meantime, my chorale called an extra rehearsal for Saturday afternoon. I expected WineGuy would watch the boys, but when he took off for the day, I was stuck. Although he left early, I would not call the sitter until 10:00 because she's a college student. At that hour, the boys and I were supposed to be at Wizard's first lacrosse practice. I also didn't want to call at 10:00 for someone to come at 12:00 that day ... way too last minute and inconsiderate. So, I punted: I had each boy pack a backpack full of books and toys to occupy them. After lacrosse practice we had a big lunch at California Pizza Kitchen and headed to the rehearsal hall (a big church downtown). Fortunately, the church had two choir rooms. Our chorale was in one, and the other one was empty. The boys had a huge room to play in and plenty to do. They behaved beautifully for THREE HOURS!!! My rehearsal started late and ran long, and my boys were really good. I only had to go out once to quiet them down. I was so proud of them. Wizard did a good job of keeping the other two entertained. Wild Thing did a pretty good job of controllling himself and not getting too wild. Moose got a little tired and cranky and laid down to rest for a few minutes.

Since then, however, WT has been a first-rate PITA. He's whining about his homework and being defiant. Moose cries every time I tell him to clean up something or put his things away. I caught Wizard sneaking food upstairs one day and busted him. Wizard also blew off some homework assignments this week, so he was grounded from recess and band until he completed them.

This weekend will be equally crazy: "Lion King" tickets on Saturday, Purim services Sunday morning, Spring Training tickets Sunday afternoon. I had tickets to "Riverdance" on Sunday afternoon, but I sold them to Calvin. My boys want to go the baseball game instead. And, WineGuy wants us to go out for dinner this weekend. Yeah right: try to get a restaurant reservation at the last minute during the height of season AND try to get a sitter, too.

When you see that blur rush past you, it will be me chasing my tail!

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Robin said...

Three hours?? Wow!! No wonder they're paying you back for it. LOL!

Sounds like you have a full and busy life.