Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Be Back Soon

I have some new readers whom I met at a writer's conference at our local public radio station last week. In the midst of another parental health crisis, another slate of chorale concerts, and the looming tax deadline, I have had no time (and little motivation) to post. I apologize. Let me get my taxes signed and mailed, and I'll post an update.

Rambling Mom, I don't know how you do taxes for a living. You deserve a medal for your heroic efforts at this time of year ... and for everything else you handle. [grin] I agree with Robert Cray, "I hate taxes."

Update: I was up until 2:30A this morning reviewing our return. After having copying everything, I had coffee with Calvin. She reminded me to redo part of the return and take another, thankfully large, deduction for something. I redid everything, transferred money from one bank to another to cover the taxes, went to the post office for a stamp for my envelope -- love those automated postal machines, went to WineGuy's office to have him sign (again), made copies of everything (again), drove through the main post office and dropped my large envelope (and large check) in the mailbox. It should have been picked up first thing this afternoon. Afterwards, I engaged in a little retail therapy at the makeup counter (mascara and a lip pencil, which shows great restraint) and at the bookstore.

Back in the swing of things on the morrow.


Rambling Mom said...

I don't do taxes, I do computers and customer service (big honking grin).

15 hours 51 minutes (but who's counting).

Must go fot on how my LOCAL taxes are spent before running off and helping other people pay their tax bills.

I agree with Albert Einstein. "The most difficult thing to understand is taxes"

And since he said that, the tax code hasn't gotten any easier.

Robin said...

I saw something on tv the other day that said we should learn to be grateful that we earn enough money to pay taxes.

I don't know that I'll ever be that enlightened.