Friday, April 06, 2007

Budding Politician

The seders are done. The guests have gone home. The china and crystal are put away, and the dining room table has shrunk back to its daily size. This morning, I asked the boys to pick up their rooms because the housekeeper was supposed to come today. Some 5 hours later, Wild Thing and Moose come downstairs announcing their rooms are clean. These two are bad influences on each other and will play instead of clean.

A few minutes later, I hear WT yelling at Moose, "You owe me that money. Give it to me! I want that $20!" Huh?? Where did the little monster get $20 and what was his deal with WT? Wizard comes running into the room to explain everything, but I tell him to be quiet.

Me: Moose, did you clean your own room?
Moose: Yes.
WT: He did not!
Me: Who cleaned it?
WT: I did but ...
Me: Thank you for helping him.
WT: No, I cleaned his whole room. He offered to pay me $20 if I cleaned his room for him. He had the money in his hand.
Me (incredulous): He offered to pay you $20 to clean his room? Moose, where did you get that kind of money? [I'm thinking he swiped it out of my purse.]
Moose: Remember, Mom, the grocery store lady gave it to me on my birthday? [True.]
Me: So, pay WT.
Moose: I did pay him.
WT: No, he didn't!
Me: Where's the money?
Moose: I don't know. The last I saw it it was on the bathroom counter, near the toilet.
WT: He flushed the money down the toilet and never paid me! It's not fair! I cleaned his whole room and put all his laundry away.
Me (trying not to laugh): Well, now. WT, you can have your choice of extra TV or computer time for helping your brother so much today. Moose, you are not going swimming with your brothers later today.

Vote for Moose! He makes promises he can't keep. He pisses flushes money away. He hardly tells the truth about anything. And, he's cute.

Moose has all the makings of a fine politician.


Robin said...

LOL! I know it's not really funny, but the way you write it up is a hoot.

The joys of motherhood. :)

Sock Girl said...

Too funny. Sounds like the makings of a career there.