Tuesday, April 24, 2007

My Mac is Back

I took my 20" iMac into our new Apple store yesterday. They replaced the logic board and power supply and ran a bunch of diagnostics. Everything is running perfectly well, now.

Big kudos to the Apple Store at the Waterside Shops. They repaired my computer in 1 day. Their geniuses are great, and their creative team is very nice. I keep thinking, "Wouldn't it be fun to work there?" Somebody slap me.

Time to clean my desk and pack for New Orleans. We leave for JazzFest tomorrow, and there's still laundry to finish. I have to pack myself, Wizard, Wild Thing, Moose, and the sleeping bags. They are responsible for packing their own backpacks. WineGuy will probably pack himself at the last minute.

Unless I find access to a computer while we're away, I will not post here for about another 6-7 days. No, I don't own a laptop, but WineGuy does. Not sure if he'll take it with him, though.


Christina said...

I know how you feel about the Mac store. I feel the same way about local bookstores. My favorite is Pannikin in Del Mar which is a combo indy bookstore and coffee shop!! Heaven!

Sock Girl said...

Have a wonderful time in New Orleans!