Tuesday, May 29, 2007

L Things

I couldn't decide what to talk about today, but "L" things crept into my mind.

LACROSSE: The NCAA Division I Men's Lacrosse championships were held yesterday in Baltimore, Maryland. Duke played Johns Hopkins for the national title. (My personal favorite and alma mater, Cornell, lost to Duke in the semis.) Duke could not get its game together during the first two periods and was down 11-4 at the half. They came back with guns blazing in the third period to tie the score. The third and fourth periods were exciting to watch as Hopkins and Duke traded shots at the goals. Hopkins won the game by 1 point in the end. I really wanted Duke to win this year to vindicate themselves after the rape scandal last year. They played a great game!

In other lacrosse news, Wizard signed up to play lacrosse this spring. It's the first team sport in which he has ever expressed an interest. I will confess that his father and I gently nudged him towards lacrosse, but he really took to the game. Wizard's height, strength and natural athleticism will make him a good player, if he works at it. He thinks he's hot stuff on the lacrosse field, but to me he looks slow compared to the other players. He'll have to start running and working out to improve his speed and agility. (Maybe that will cure his laziness.) At any rate, he was on a great 11-under team this spring. His coach played on a nationally-ranked team at Princeton and had a really good attitude about sports: he gave lots of instruction and encouragement and didn't holler at the kids like others did. LaxCoach found something nice to say about each player at the end of the season. He called Wizard "very coachable" and "willing to learn". Wizard's team was 5-0 going into the championship game. Their one and only loss was that final, big game. The team parents were very proud of the boys winning season and good sportsmanship.

LIBRARY THING: I found a link to this website on DocThelma's blog. Library Thing allows you to catalogue your entire collection of books and tag them according to genre or any other system you wish. You can discuss books with other people and get recommendations from others who share your taste in books. I have a link to Library Thing over there on the right. You can see what I've logged into my home library so far. We have hundreds, maybe thousands, of books here in The Zone. It will take a long time to enter them all. I'm hoping Library Thing will help me come up with good titles for my book club to read. But for now, I'd really like some great summer reads . . . you know a good Jennifer Weiner novel or equivalent. I have lots of serious fiction on my nightstand, and I'll get to it shortly.

On the short list for reading:
  • The Book Of Fate, by Brad Meltzer
  • Angry Housewives Eating Bon-Bons, by Lorna Landvik
  • Dark Light, by Randy Wayne White
I just finished Sheridan Hay's The Secret Of Lost Things: good but not great. It was critically acclaimed, but I found it an unsatisfying read. I also just finished Jennifer Gilmore's Golden Country for our synagogue's book club. WineGuy like it, but I thought it was crap. Another author that somehow finagled a book deal for a story that's been told a hundred times, and told better by others. Yawn.


Squib said...

I love the fact Wizard is playing LAX. I had so much fun playing in high school. (I didn't go to a college with a women LAX team) It is a great game.
I am in complete agreement in wanting Duke to win this year because the whole rape scandal thing.

Robin said...

I find it interesting how popular Lacrosse has become recently. I played in high school yet have somehow forgotten everything I learned about the game.

I joined Library Thing a year or so ago and keep forgetting to put the link on my blog. Thanks for the reminder. :)

Doc Thelma said...

At Panda's soccer tournament I saw a toddler wandering about with what looked like a Fisher-Price plastic lacrosse net with a foam ball. That's something that wouldn't have been around when I was a kid; I didn't even know what the sport was until I was a teenager (and read about it in the Preppir Handbook.)