Saturday, July 07, 2007

Brain Freeze

I've been studying like mad for Jeopardy. Today, I decided to study maps and geography, which are strong subjects for me. Wizard was quizzing me on world capitals, and I missed a lot of them. Which made me panic. Which drove me to the (all too detailed) world atlas, which in turn drove me back to the general maps in the almanac. So, I made flashcards ... lots and lots of flashcards.

At one point, I was studying the Canadian provinces and was looking at the newest one, Nunavut, which was split off from the Northwest Territories in the late 1990s. However, my almanac did not show the capital of Nunavut. So, I trotted over to the boys' computer and looked it up. For your information, the capital of Nunavut is Iqaluit, located on the east coast of Baffin Island, which is so unbelievably far north that I'm certain no one has ever been there except for three polar bears and an elephant seal. The town has a mayor, and she acknowledges that it's in the remote Arctic tundra. I'm not kidding! Look here.

If you are a regular Jeopardy watcher and have suggestions on categories that appear frequently, i.e. what to study, please leave me a comment.

Thanks for tuning in to the Trivia Channel, all drivel all the time.


Robin said...

Not drivel. I just learned something by visiting your blog today. Do you think the polar bears and elephant seal moved on to a less remote town or did they settle in Iqaluit?

I'm a regular Jeopardy watcher, but I can't think of what to study as they cover so much. I know my weakest link falls with the before and after categories, but I have no idea how you'd study for something like that.

Paige said...

I agree with Robin. So not drivel. I suck at geography, so Jeopardy could never, ever be in my future. It is so cool that you're doing this...