Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Clean and Dirty

My desk is clean! I would take a picture to show you, but my digital camera is dead. You already knew that. I spent hours and hours and hours yesterday and today sorting through every blasted piece of paper piled on there. I filed some of it but trashed tons. Still need to clean the piles of children's artwork stacked up all around my office. I have half a mind to trash it all. There's a huge backlog of Mac magazines to go through in my spare time whenever. They'll have to wait until the Jeopardy trip is over.

My laundry needs some serious attention, but apparently less so than the boys' rooms. AGAIN! Damnitalltohell. I spent days and days in their rooms digging everything out and putting everything away, and they trashed them. Pulled all the towels out of the linen closet, messed up the bathroom, food and candy wrappers everywhere. Wild Thing tried to pull a nightlight out of a socket in his room and pulled the whole freakin' faceplate off the outlet. WTF?! I should have suspected the pigpen when WT lost one shoe (+ one expensive orthotic) for a couple of days. They all claimed to have looked for hours today, but no one could find it. They all lied through their teeth about how clean their rooms were. I'm so pissed off at them, especially Wizard. He is a manipulative, conniving, overgrown toddler.

I'm trying to get organized and study and be prepared for the biggest opportunity of my life, and my husband is bitching that I need to go upstairs and inspect the boys' rooms daily. Hello? I feed them, bathe them, wash their clothes, entertain them, and chauffeur them everywhere. I do not feel like policing the upstairs. That was always WineGuy's job: he would put them to bed each night and check on their rooms. He no longer puts them to bed – because he says they're old enough to go to sleep on their own – and he never climbs the stairs anymore. Too damn lazy, IMVHO.

Frazzled again.


Kel said...

i just have one husband who leaves clothes all over the small studio space we live in
can't imagine how hard it would be having a whole family's worth of stuff strewn everywhere

prioritise your study time
and use prizes from jeopardy as blackmail fodder - keep your room clean or you don't get the fooze ball table I win on jeopardy

hmmm, not having seen the show, i have no idea what the prizes are or how it works, but am guessing it's something like our Sale of the Century where you win cash, prizes, holidays etc

Sock Girl said...

I'm sorry the boys of the zone are giving you stress again. Maybe you could make that a keep them busy project while you study at your nice clean desk (ie, don't come down until your rooms are as clean as this desk?)

Mom of 4K said...

My dear friend, I wish I could tell you that it gets better when they get older...

Rambling Mom said...

Explain to Wine Guy that the time to make changes about putting the kids down it AFTER the opportunity of a lifetime. NOT BEFORE!!!!!!!!

Hire a mother's helper for an hour or two a day.

Anonymous said...

I hear the local YMCA has room in their full day summer camps. Send them all . . . they will not have time to mess up their rooms and you will have a week or two to study! Think of it as an investment in your dream . . . and your sanity. (Plus they can play with my boys.)