Friday, June 30, 2006

Captiva = Catie . . . blessed memory

Two years ago, The Mom from Tidewater and her DH came down to SW Florida to celebrate their 20th anniversary on Captiva Island. She asked that Radio Mom (who lives nearby in SW Florida), her DH, I and Wine Guy join them for dinner at The Bubble Room one night. Tidewater Mom loved that restaurant when our circle of Internet friends had dinner there during our reunion weekend 2002. Although it was an hour ++ drive for us, I agreed. We had a great evening, eating, drinking, laughing, talking about everything under the sun. We took pictures and parted company.

The next morning I get an urgent phone call from Connecticut Mom saying Tidewater Mom has been frantically trying to reach me. I reach Tidewater Mom on her cell phone, and she tells me her daughter, Catie, overdosed on Tylenol the prior evening. OMG, Tidewater Mom needed to speak with Wine Guy ASAP. He's a liver specialist. Tylenol overdoses cause liver poisoning. Catie tried to end her own life. She hung on for 2 or 3 days, and then she passed away. Gone from this world, forever 19 and beautiful.

Like Catie, Captiva is now gone for me. I left my memories there in the sand. I send my thoughts and prayers to Tidewater Mom and her family. May Catie's memory be forever blessed.

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MLL said...

Thanks LZR :-) I'm forever grateful that our last evening before our lives changed forever was spent with good friends. Kind of weird that Hurricane Charley pretty much ripped Captiva to shreds just a couple months after we were there.