Friday, June 30, 2006

Fiction Is Stronger Than Truth

Wizard was grounded from camp this week. He also lost all computer and TV privileges. He is really ticked off b/c of the injustice of it all. That is the price of dishonesty.

What did he do? Stole and ate an entire box of Belgian chocolates Wine Guy bought for me last week. Handmade, intricately-designed, premium-quality chocolates, individually chosen by Wine Guy. When I went to take a piece of chocolate late Sunday morning, I couldn't find the box. I asked everyone whether they'd seen it. Wine Guy said no. Wizard said no. Wild Thing said no. Moose said no.

We asked the boys repeatedly, and reiterated the values of honesty and integrity for hours. WT tried to fess up, but his story didn't bear out. Moose tried to fess up, claiming he climbed the shelves to get the box. His story didn't make sense either. The original and most likely culprit was Wizard. We let WT and Moose off the hook. Wizard denied and denied and denied culpability for hours. He spent most of the day outside on the front porch. We would go out occasionally to ask him if he had anything to say.

Wizard stubbornly refused to speak until it was thundering and nearly lightning outside. Only then did he finally admit he took the chocolates and snarfed them all down 2 days before. It was just pitiful. He stuck to his lies and let his brothers take the fall for him. Utterly despicable. He really ruined our entire day, my entire week, and our trust in him. We've had problems with him lying egregiously all year. He keeps saying how he can be trusted, yet he keeps repeating this bonehead behavior. I guess it's part of a boy being 10.

He needs to learn this lesson now. Otherwise, he'll never make it to his 11th birthday.

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