Friday, July 28, 2006

Can't Help Lovin' Those Men of Mine

With apologies to the great Oscar Hammerstein and Jerome Kern, I do love all my men today. Yesterday was filled with more bickering, but it magically dissolved after a phone conversation with my mother. She informed me that my father has to have vascular surgery today.

As I was discussing the details of my driving over to be with her, all the boys cleared the dinner table. I stacked the dishes in the sink before the phone rang, and while I was on the phone Wizard washed all the dishes and silverware and loaded the dishwasher. After I was off the phone, he helped me put the food away. He also vacuumed the kitchen floor, without being asked!

Wild Thing had a good night last night -- the second in a row. He didn't come downstairs until about 7:15 this morning. I followed Wine Guy's "dosage instructions" and got the pain medicine down WT without a fuss. When his TV time was over, he willingly brought in the newspapers.

Moose came down around 8:15 with a big smile on his face. He hadn't brushed his teeth and happily ran upstairs to do so. He asked Wizard nicely to pour him some cereal, which Wizard gladly did. Wizard then made himself and me some raisin toast and a glass of milk. He even cleaned up most of his mess. At the moment, WT and Moose are playing happily together.

Yea and verily the best man of the day is WineGuy. In between hospital procedures this morning, he called to say that he arranged to finish seeing patients at 3:00 and that I could bring the boys down to his office at any time. I can then leave for my parents' place, which is about 2 hours from here. Since Dad's surgery is scheduled for late afternoon, I'll be able to sit with my mom for the evening. WineGuy is often thoughtful like this, and I do love him for that.

A little alpha-male praise for a change!


Mom of 4K said...

Thanks for the update. Those guys of yours are pretty great guys. I need to bring my guys (and the girly) down to see them.

Sock Girl said...

That's a great group of guys you've got there!