Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Headless Chicken

Much going on right now. Dad had surgery last week. It was successful, and the surgery site is healing well. But, true to his pattern he came down with an acute attack of gout. He's in terrible pain, and it does not appear he is being managed well. Of course, my parents chose to have this surgery in a hospital which their internist does not attend, so there's no one really overseeing Dad's care. Between My-Brother-the-Doctor and WineGuy, I have some idea of what's going on.

I am really frustrated I can't be there to help manage things, but I have no one to watch my kids. They have been particularly bad this week, adding to my stress level. My car went in for service on Monday to the dealer. They only did so much. I spent my entire afternoon at the tire store getting new tires and (what feels like a snow job) shocks and struts.

In the middle of all that the cable co. has been out here more than 7 times in the last 6 weeks trying to figure out why my brand-spanking-new TVs don't get the full digital cable signal. They were here on Monday, too, but they didn't finish the work. They're coming back again tomorrow. I didn't mention that I was on the phone for an hour with cable TV customer no-service last week. I made them give me credit for 6 weeks of digital cable. If they don't get this mess straightened out tomorrow, I will make them give me another month's credit. My secret weapon, however, is the name, phone and cell phone number of the Technical Operations Supervisor. I warned him that, from now on, whatever cable problems I'm having, I'm calling him directly. He'll be sorry!

Let me add that my friends are amazing. I called my Very Best Friend, nearly hysterical, on Sunday. She totally calmed me down and helped me prioritize my week. Of course, I can't stick to a schedule like she can, but she's priceless. I also happened to run into a close friend as I was leaving a kid's b-day party on Sunday. She was supportive and understanding, as she caught me venting in the parking lot of the bowling alley. BTW, Moose was supposed to attend this party, but he didn't. He didn't clean his room like he was asked, and he lied about it. So, I dropped of the gift and left. I spent the remainder of the day directing Wild Thing in cleaning his room and helping Wine Guy oversee the excavation of Wizard's sty, um ... room.

My children belong on a farm.

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