Thursday, October 26, 2006

Science Camp

Wizard left for science camp yesterday. WineGuy dropped him off at 6:30A to catch the bus from school at 7:00A. At 7:05 they still hadn't left b/c Wizard called me frantically asking where the rest of "his" spending money was. The 5th and 4th grade classes at his school are spending 3 days in Big Pine Key at Sea Camp. Normally, only 4th grade goes, but Hurricane Wilma cancelled his class's trip last year.

After the sheer hell he put me through getting ready for his 3-day adventure, I didn't think I would miss him. I do. Wizard called this afternoon just to check in. He didn't have a cell phone or a calling card. He had the smarts to use some change (from his purchases at the camp store) to call me from a pay phone just to check in. He sounded wonderful, so happy. He's having the time of his life snorkeling, going on evening wading walks. He even caught a Florida lobster last night! He says he slept well and likes all his bunkmates.

The only thing Wizard didn't like was the 5.5 hour bus ride through the Everglades, Miami and the Upper Keys. So sad, too bad! The rich kids have to rough it on a bus and at camp -- without air conditioning! -- for 3 days. WineGuy snarkily stated his surprise at seeing no chauffeur-driven limos waiting at school yesterday. This all is sure a long way from my science camp adventures in 6th grade. Our Maryland public school spent a week in the Catoctin Mountains of Northern Maryland. It was maybe an hour-and-a-half ride on the bus, and the camp was very basic. The smell of a pine forest still takes me back to those quiet still nights. I hope Wizard makes some enduring memories in the Keys this week.

Come home safely, Wizard. We miss you . . . and you've got a lot of laundry to do!

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