Wednesday, November 01, 2006


I know. You looked at the title and said, "What?" It stands for National Blog Posting Month. One of The Moms put out the challenge to us bloggers, so I bit. I'm supposed to post something everyday for the month of November. Hopefully, I'll have something meaningful, or at least interesting, to say.

Wizard got back from science camp just fine. He seems to have returned without my flashlight but with everything else and a pound of sand, too. My floors were a nightmare. I don't know where he went wading, but his sneakers were rank: stinky, smelly, nasty, polluted the whole house. I had him wash them outside with a hose and spray them repeatedly with Lysol. They are still a biohazard. Apparently his room is, too, according to my housekeeper. He had a great time. He went snorkeling, wading at night, swimming in the mangroves. He caught a spiny lobster and saw an eagle ray. I need to have his photos developed.

The other kids are doing well. Wizard's first report card of the year was all A's, one B+, and very good marks for effort. Wild Thing's report card was filled with "M"s, as in "meets expectations." There were quite a few "N"s, needs work, on everything important like following directions, editing your work, writing neatly, and using punctuation. WT did get a few "E"s (exceeds expectations) for things like conduct and kindness, but not self-control. I'm so happy we're spending $XXXXX to send him to private school. Moose didn't get a report card yet. I need to schedule the meeting with the teacher. However, Mr. Moose is now reading. At age 4. Really reading! Amazing kid.

WineGuy and I just "celebrated" our 14th wedding anniversary on Halloween. It was more like "marked": we did the t-or-t thing with the kids, passed out a ton of candy, and opened cards after I got home from a chorale rehearsal. He did, as usual, buy a cute card which he made hilarious with his editorial comments. Mine are never as funny as his.

I shouldn't write too much today, since I'll need something to say tomorrow.

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Sock Girl said...

Belated Anniversary and Halloween greetings! It's amazing that Mr. Moose is reading already! Wow!

I'm tickled pink your doing NaBloPoMo with me :-)