Monday, November 06, 2006

Books That Made a Difference

It took me all day to come up with a topic to write about today. I finally came up with two and decided on this one. What books have you read that have made a difference in your life?

For me, there are two: Gift From The Sea, by Anne Morrow Lindbergh and The Year of Magical Thinking, by Joan Didion. I read Lindbergh's book years ago and have probably re-read it once since. I just finished Didion's book and was so moved by it. Lindbergh's book helped me appreciate what I had in life and take the time to be happy with my world. Didion's book is a testament to the endurance of love. She describes how she coped with her husband, John Dunne's, sudden death and the subsequent illness of her daughter. It's about coming to terms with life and death and getting on with one's life.

I'm a voracious reader, but I do not re-read books. Gift From The Sea and The Year of Magical Thinking have had such lasting effect on me that I will read them yet again.
I might add Mitch Albom's Five People You Meet In Heaven to that list.

What books are on your list?


paige said...

Oh, good question. So many. One of my favorite non-fiction books ever (and I fully know that some will find it kind of a creepy choice, but the prose is so incredible, and story so moving) is Mikal Gilmore's _Shot in the Heart_. It is amazing. Lately, a book I'm just transfixed by and keep reading and rereading is _How to Write_ by Richard Rhodes. But like favorite movies, these choices shift all the time...

Thanks for stopping by my blog (thanks to the Randomizer.) I'm looking forward to reading more of yours.

Christina said...

Silent Spring by Rachel Carson. It changed my life in that I really think it is the genesis of my overall political change from copying my parent's identity to forming one of my own. That was my 1st year in college and I did a report which is still my proudest writing result.

Next would be Black and Blue by Anna Quindlen. That was in 2000 and it started my healing process from spouse #1 who I had not realized had impacted me so deeply.