Friday, November 24, 2006

Germs Ahoy

If I don't post a quick note now, I won't get back to the computer today.

My house is filled with germs. Moose vomited in his bed last night. Instead of waking me, he just changed his pajamas and went back to bed. Sweet, smelly boy. Never mind, though, I woke up at 4:00A and didn't go back to sleep until almost 6:00A. Wild Thing woke me around 7:00 to tell me about Moose. Wizard still has a bad sinus infection. Wild Thing is complaining about his ears.

WineGuy called from the hospital to say that he still expects to be released today. His white blood count is n
ormal, but his kidney function is worse. They think that the source of the bacterial infection is in the kidneys.

The bug is
Haemophilus influenza B (pictured), usually found in children under the age of 6. (Thank you, Moose.) HIB can cause ear infections, upper respiratory infections, and pneumonia, amongst other things. It spreads by droplet through coughs and sneezing. Let's see, Moose has been coughing all over everyone and everything and has had a runny nose. WT had a cold and was coughing all over everyone. WineGuy had been sneezing all over everything, too, when he had a cold recently. Eeny, meeny, miney, moe, catch a snotface by the nose. Sometimes HIB can cause meningitis or sepsis (bloodstream infection).

Here is a list of childrens' symptoms I found online. For my own benefit, I note who has had what.
  • unusual irritability – Moose, Wizard
  • difficulty sleeping or staying asleep – Moose, Wizard
  • tugging or pulling at one or both ears – Wizard, Wild Thing
  • fever – Moose
  • hearing difficulties – Wizard, but they all have "selective hearing" ;-)
  • ear pain – Wizard, Wild Thing
  • nausea and vomiting – Moose
  • diarrhea – Moose
  • decreased appetite – Moose, Wizard
  • congestion – Moose, Wild Thing, Wizard
  • runny nose or cold symptoms that last longer than 10 days – Moose
  • nighttime cough – Moose, Wild Thing
  • occasional daytime cough – Moose, Wild Thing
  • swelling around the eyes – Moose has "shiners"
  • complaints of drip in his/her throat from his/her nose – Moose
  • headaches – Wizard, Wild Thing
  • facial discomfort – Wizard
  • bad breath – Moose, Wild Thing
  • cough – Moose, Wild Thing
  • fever – Moose
  • sore throat – Wizard, Moose
  • child keeps his or her mouth open – Moose, Wild Thing

WineGuy displayed many of these symptoms, too. Who knows how long this has been lingering around our house.

If I could spray Lysol over everything animal, vegetable, or mineral in this house AND if I could Clorox the rest, then maybe we'd be rid of the germs. I sure as hell better not get sick, because I can't afford to be sick.

Pass me the orange juice and the vitamin C tablets.


Rambling Mom said...

Honey -- if I were there I'd stop by your house with some echnicea tea. (And toss it on the porch without leaving the car :} ).

This too shall pass

Kel said...

and I'd bring a big pot of BC soup, my own invention that we cook up when we're coming down with something [BC=betacarotene]
basically chuck any orange veg (pumpkin, sweet potato, carrots) into a pot with lots of onion and garlic, once cooked blend to make smooth soup
heh - it's got pumpkin in it, so it fits in with thanksgiving and all!

MLL said...

I hope Wineguy is home relaxing and everyone starts feeling better soon!! Haven't your kids been vaccinated for HIB? I know they started vaccinating for it sometime after '89....the reason I know this is because that's the year DD1 & DD2 got it. DD2 was only 6 months old and was hospitalized for several days. Then we ALL had to take medicine that turned our body fluids flourescent orange!

Alto2 said...

All the kids were vaccinated for HIB. I don't know how they contracted it, but it's definitely here. Probably a resistant strain.

Kimberly said...

Oh, that sucks! Hope everyone is on the mend soon.