Thursday, November 30, 2006

NaBloPoMo This!

It is the 30th of November, the last day of National Blog Posting Month. I have posted every single day this month. Hooray for me!! I didn't think I'd have pithy things to say everyday, and I didn't, but I wrote a little everyday. Maybe there's more of a writer in me than I dare admit.

Next month's challenge is Holidailies At Home
. I must be crazy to do this, since our Decembers are filled with tons of concerts to rehearse for and perform in, holiday parties, school obligations, and, of course, illness.

On another note, WineGuy called me this morning to report his father experienced abnormal heart rhythms after prepping for his colonoscopy today. The GI doctor in Fort Lauderdale put FIL in the ER for monitoring and likely admittance to regulate the heart rhythm. FIL did not have his procedure, but his doctor reported feeling a hard mass in the colon. WineGuy, who is also a gastroenterologist, reports that it's likely cancer in the sigmoid colon. OMG. More acute illness. Just when I thought we might turn the corner. MIL is over in the ER by herself, and we cannot go over there (even though it's only a 2-hour ride). WineGuy's health is still so fragile.

On a small good note, our local shoe store had a pair of men's slip-on sandals to fit WineGuy's swollen feet. They're 12EEEEEE, and they're adjustable. He got them on his feet, and he was happy. At least his feet will be covered.

Perhaps more later. I went grocery shopping this morning, after not having been for 2 weeks. I spent $450.00, way more than my usual, and I still have a dozen bags to unload.

FIL Update: FIL's heartbeat eventually converted back to a normal rhythm. The docs still admitted him to the hospital overnight for observation. Apparently, he did not stay well hydrated while doing his bowel prep for his colonoscopy. The GI doc ultimately scoped him and found nothing remarkable. He ordered a CAT scan to look at that hard spot in the abdomen. FIL's internist thinks it's probably old scar tissue from a minor surgery a couple of years ago. Thank goodness.

In other health news, I smashed my finger in a classroom door this afternoon. It bled profusely as I tried to pick up Moose. His teacher gave me a couple of bandages and offered to call the school nurse. Forget it. I fixed up my finger and went home. It finally stopped bleeding and throbbing after dinner. WineGuy looked at it and said my fingernail was fine, but it would be badly bruised.

Time for a manicure!

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Sock Girl said...

Congratulations on finishing NaBloPoMo!!!! And thanks for the link to Holidailies... count me among the crazy, I suppose, but I signed up too.

Sending healing wishes to Wine Guy's dad (and all those in the 'zone still not well). You've all had such a tough go of it.