Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Viral Load

The viral load is at maximum capacity in this house. I had to keep Wizard home sick from school today. Apparently he has an ear infection, a sinus infection, and a bad throat. Wild Thing has been hacking and coughing for days. Moose vomited twice last week and still has a touch of diarrhea. Yuck Quotient = 100%. WineGuy has been walking around here for weeks with a nasty cough; he refused to take anything or see a doctor, of course.

The fun part is that we are supposed to fly to St. Louis for Thanksgiving tomorrow. My in-laws will be so pleased with the biohazard that is our family right now. When I took Wizard to the pediatrician this morning, I was looking for any medical excuse not to go. However, he said he could get the kid fixed up enough to fly. Damn! I really wanted WineGuy to take WT and Moose to St. Louis and leave me here with Wizard.

I hate traveling at Thanksgiving. That's why we normally have Turkey Day here and go to SIL and BIL's for Passover in the spring. We switched holidays this year to make it easier for them to host their daughter's Bat Mitzvah in late spring.

So, I'm off to the castle tower to pack three suitcases for three boys. Then I get to pack my own, and then I have to run to the bank. I have 4 hours to accomplish all this. Ready, set, go.


vamom7678 said...

Have a Happy T Day and a safe trip. I can't even imagine going anywhere for Thanksgiving. The girls are both going to their husband and fiances familys and will be here for Christmas...that is fine with me. Hope everyone gets better soon.....

Sock Girl said...

Oh dear! I hope everyone is feeling well soon!!

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Travels!

Robin said...

Yikes! And here I was feeling sorry for myself because I caught my granddaughter's cold. There's always someone who can one-up me. That's probably a good thing. Keeps me humble...or something.

Have a happy Thanksgiving! Spread the viral load. It's the best way to get rid of it.

Snoskred said...

Nothing better than sharing with the family :) I'm trying to visit as many of the NaBloPoMo blogs as I can and I thought I'd say hi, I liked your blog.. :)