Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Holiday Gift and Shopping Meme

Since I actually had something to say yesterday, I moved the meme to Tuesday this week. It's all about holiday gifts received. As always, I tag any of my readers who are willing to reply.

What is the best present you received this year?
  • The best tangible present I received this year was the 50th anniversary edition of Anne Morrow Lindbergh's Gift From The Sea. It was a touching and completely unexpected birthday gift from RadioMom. She started out as an Internet friend and became a dear, personal friend. The best holiday gift was the ring to match my birthday necklace. WineGuy decided, after all, that he liked the pendant but preferred it on a chain instead of a wire. I exchanged the wire today at the store and purchased the matching ring. The best intangible gift was mending the rift with my husband.
What is the worst present you received this year?
  • The worst presents received this year were actually for the kids. Several people gave Wild Thing "Marshmallow Shooters" for his birthday and Chanukah. WineGuy and I hate them and anything else that's gun-related. We donated them to the local holiday toy drive. The other lousy Chanukah present was the GeoSafari laptop given by one family, who shall remain nameless, for all three boys to share. It's too juvenile for Wizard and of no interest to either Wild Thing or Moose. They like it because it's like a computer and makes noise, so I can't really return it either. The gift-giver clearly put little effort into this gift, while I, OTOH, spent a lot of time, thought and money on their kids' gifts. Hmph.
Will you shop the after-Christmas sales?
  • Yes, I need to go to the mall to exchange pants for WineGuy, who's getting skinny! I also want to buy him a new briefcase, which he has requested. I hope to return an expensive Christmas gift he received. It came from an exclusive jewelry store whose prices are notoriously high. I'm going to end up with a store credit that I intend to use up then and there.
What is still on your wish list?
  • A smaller, healthier body! I don't really need anything.


Robin said...

That last one is always on my own wish list. I'm hoping to do something about it this year. (But don't be surprised if it shows up again on next year's wish list..lol!)

Kismet said...

That last one is ALWAYS my New Year's resolution. Dammit.

Happy New Year.


Robin said...

Thank you for the link. I'll listen to it as soon as I get some speakers hooked up (should be this weekend, I hope!).

You're not an idiot. I set up the other blog as a place to put photos, poems, etc., instead of mixing it all in with the everyday life stuff. Anyhow, I didn't widely advertise it so it's not surprising you didn't find it. :)

Robin said...

Would you like the recipe for the Spicy Shrimp? I can post it for you.