Friday, January 12, 2007

Celebrity Crushes

Inspired by an item in the five things I didn't know about Christina, I got to thinking about celebrity crushes. I remember my first celebrity crushes being on David Cassidy, when he starred in The Partridge Family, and on Bobby Sherman, a singer popular in the early 1970s. I still remember going crazy over his song, "Julie, Do Ya Love Me?" What can I tell you? I'm old.

After those two, it must have been Donny Osmond. Those teeth, that smile ... oh my. Frankly, I still think Donny Osmond is a tremendously talented performer. From the time "Risky Business" was revealed, I had a big crush on Tom Cruise. That scene of him dancing in the white dress shirt and underwear made the teenage me swoon. I remained a fan until he went off the deep end with Scientology. Now, I can't stand him.

When I was a freshman or sophomore at Cornell, I saw Jimmy Smits act in "Man and Superman" while he was completing his MFA. I followed his career from "L.A. Law" through "NYPD Blue". I really enjoyed his portrayal of Matt Santos in the last season of "The West Wing". He's definitely my longest crush because I still think he's fine.

Lately, I cast my eye on Jude Law. He loomed large on the big screen during the film, "The Holiday". His blue eyes and chiseled features made sitting in the second row worthwhile.

'Fess up! Who's your celebrity crush?


LSM said...

I am currently without much of a celebrity crush. Like you, I was defintely a Tom Cruise fan from "Risky Business" right on through "Top Gun." I officially marked him off my list when he left Nicole Kidman and my interest faded to zero with all the recent hype. Somewhere before all that, Brad Pitt became my favorite. He stole the show in "Thelma and Louise," and I never looked back. Until the whole divorce and the recent Angelina Jolie thing. What can I say, I expect my crushes to behave appropriately in their marriages. I guess that might explain my lack of a celebrity crush right now.

Robin said...

You are not old. That would make me old, too, as it seems we have our first celebrity crushes in common. In addition to Bobby Sherman and David Cassidy, I was also madly in love with Davy Jones from the Monkees.

Never mind. I'm old, too.

Mom of 4K said...

Celebrity crushes? I must say there are times I really enjoy the "scenery" of certain male forms on TV. Patrick Dempsey (is that how it's spelled? ...current "McDreamy"--yeah, I know, sappy, but hey, I love that smile!) is on my list currently.

Christina said...

Oh I was an Osmond fan too! Still love Donny :-)

Given that my sports celebrity crush has been pretty much published in lights on Broadway (I swear, an old neighbor even knew I love Mike Piazza!), I will skip that one :-) On the boob tube or big screen right now it is all about George Clooney and Patrick Dempsey. With a little Jon Stewart thrown in. Yummmmmmy.