Thursday, January 11, 2007

You May Not Know

I accept Old Blue Socks's tag to tell you five things you don't know about me.
  1. I love otters. Their faces are so cute. They are playful. They are highly intelligent and very resourceful.
  2. I am organized, but my desk is not. My messy desk is borne of procrastination and an utter loathing of deskwork. WineGuy is organized, and his desks are always clear.
  3. I always wanted a house full of boys. I never, ever wanted a daughter. G-d gave me what I asked for, so I shouldn't complain.
  4. Texture and color are visceral. I am attracted to or repelled from things based upon their feel and color. For instance, I abhor the texture of rice pudding and cream of wheat: too gritty. I don't like slimy foods like custard or sea urchin sushi. I like clear, true colors. Muddy colors make me ill: sage green, olive green, ochre. Give me cobalt blue, ruby red, fuchsia, black, even hunter green.
  5. I spent most of my second year of law school dating, boating and having fun with my then-boyfriend. I even passed my classes.
Anyone want to pick up the tag from here?


djn said...

I love otters too. They are serious.

I like muddy colors. I think that means I live in kind of a gray world -- no black & white...

Mom of 4K said...

I completely understand your take on color and texture--your rice pudding is my eggplant. :)

This tag has been fun!