Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Design, Edit, Print, Print, Print

Yesterday, I actually did as I planned. I wrote all of Moose's thank-you notes for all his birthday presents, including the ones he received a month ago. I need to go buy some more stamps (before the price increases, grrr).

This morning I sat at the computer and designed placecards for WineGuy's party. I use Print Shop 2 for almost all my projects. I had problems centering the designs properly in the printable area. Then I kept turning the paper the wrong way and printing over sections that were already done. Very frustrating! I want to know why printing programs don't print things the way you see them on the screen. Particularly with Print Shop, I need to remember that the print image on the screen will come out upside down from the printer. For cards and things it's not a problem, but for printing business card templates – and selected cards at that– it's a hassle.

When I finished with the placecards, I made gift tags for the party favors to be set at each place. I'm giving out small boxes of Norman Love chocolates. Without a doubt, these are the best chocolates anywhere. Period. Don't argue with me. Norman Love used to be a pastry chef with the Ritz Carlton for years. A few years ago, he opened his own chocolate factory in an industrial park near the Fort Myers, Florida airport. He has since expanded into his own building, complete with a Chocolate Salon next door. These are the finest quality chocolates with the finest quality fillings you've ever had. I mean, when was the last time you had chocolate filled with passionfruit?? Simply exquisite. I'll head out to Norman Love's tomorrow after I go to the wine store to choose a special bottle for WineGuy.

Busy, busy, busy. Too bad my desk is still a disaster.


Christina said...

Droooool! Do they ship well? :->

Sounds like a really wonderful evening that you have planned. I am sure WineGuy is going to love it.

MLL said...

I think you are going to have to convince me about those chocolates. I don't believe you.....please ship some ASAP so you can prove me wrong..heehee.
I love the plans for Wineguy!!

Rambling Mom said...

I don't believe about the chocolates either. I'm not from Missouri - but you'll have to show me anyway :} :}.

Anonymous said...

The festivities you have planned sound exceptional. Perhaps you should be a party planner? :-) About the chocolates: I don't believe you.


Sock Girl said...

It seems none of us belive you. I mean a Chocolate Salon? What kind of decent chocolate needs to visit a salon? ;-) Yep... I'm afraid you're going to have to have to send proof here too. (drool).

Robin said...

Add me to the list of folks who need proof. I have to admit that I've never had chocolate filled with passionfruit. Sounds absolutely yummy.

Congratulations on your Jeopardy try-out! :)) (I couldn't comment on that entry so had to do it here.)

BunnyBubblette said...

THAT IS SO COOL that you're trying out for Jeopardy!! I'm sure you'll make it. I can't wait to see you on TV! Congrats!