Friday, March 23, 2007

This is Jeopardy!

I'm auditioning for Jeopardy! It's my all-time favorite game show, and I am finally getting a chance to try out. I am going to audition in Orlando, Florida in the middle of May. I am so excited, I'm sputtering.

How did this come about? Several weeks ago, the show announced they would offer tests online to try out. I missed the East Coast date and took the test online on the West Coast date. I had no idea how I did. Doc Thelma, an August96 Mom with a subscribers-only blog, told me she auditioned this year also. Several days ago, Doc Thelma posted that she was invited to the Washington, DC audition later this spring. I was happy for her but disappointed that I wasn't chosen. WineGuy was pestering me about something last night and prompted me to check my email.

Lo and behold! There was the message from the Jeopardy Contestant Department, congratulating me and inviting me to an audition appointment two months' hence. They are very strict about this procedure. I had to respond to their email within a specified time and in a specified format. If I failed to do so, I would probably lose the opportunity. They set the audition time and place, and it appears largely non-negotiable. Of course, Miami would have been two hours closer and a lot more convenient, but I can handle a quick trip to Orlando.

I've already informed WineGuy that he's taking the day off of work so I can go. I'll drive up to Orlando the night before and check into a hotel. My audition is not until 3:00 p.m., so I'll have some time to rest up and study (?) and practice. I'll drive home afterwards.

OMG, I have to study. And practice with a clicker. I am fully aware that there is a timing issue between the reading of the clue and the click to answer. Help, help, help! Does anyone have any tips on preparing for a Jeopardy audition? I need to do some research on the Internet and maybe Amazon.

Wish me (and Doc Thelma) good luck!

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Anonymous said...

We're all rooting for you!