Sunday, August 19, 2007

Hang On

The kids start school in two days. After I have coffee with all my friends on the first day of school, I'll come home and post details about our trips to Los Angeles and Chicago.

When we got home from Chi-town last week, I hoped to hit the ground running. Forget it. I landed in an alligator pond . . . as in "up to my a** in alligators". Moose had an infected ingrown toenail which necessitated a trip to the podiatrist, Foot. Foot took care of Moose's toe and lectured him (again) not to bite his toenails. Ewwww. Foot also trimmed one of my toenails that cracked in half when I ran into Wild Thing who stopped short to gawk at nothing something. Then I asked Foot to look at Wizard's gait. We noticed he was dragging his right foot badly while shlepping around Chicago. We thought it was an affectation, but it clearly is not.

Wizard has a new onset foot drop. He can walk on his toes but not on his heels. He apparently has tendinitis in his left achilles tendon as well. Foot was so concerned about Wizard that she consulted our family neurologist, Nerve. Nerve doesn't see kids, so we have to take Wizard to the pediatric neurologist this week. Every doc we've consulted has asked about headaches, of which Wizard has complained some. Now I'm imagining all sorts of horrible things, from stroke to brain tumor. Dear Lord, what next.

In good Customer Service news is a commendation for our local Sam's Club optical department. Before the appointment with Foot, I took Wizard to the eye doctor, who wrote a new glasses prescription. We ran to Sam's Club to order new glasses and begged the manager to get them in before school started. The manager did me one better: he got the new glasses in in two days!! Wizard had them in time for us to attend our friend's son's Bar Mitzvah this past weekend. Kudos to Pete, the optician.


Sock Girl said...

Sending good thoughts for Wizard's appointments and wishes for allegator free days ahead. (((Hugs)))

Robin said...

Welcome back. :)

I hope Wizard's problem turns out to be something of the not-serious variety. Sending good thoughts and energy your way.

Paige said...

Ack. Poor Wizard. What's the latest?