Tuesday, August 07, 2007

My Kind Of Town

Chicago is my kind of town. At least it will be for the next week. We arrived today to 90+F temperatures and high humidity. Feels just like home, except for the beautiful architecture and great food.

I know you are waiting for a detailed description of our trip to L.A. and my Jeopardy! appearance. I will post lots of details -- but no spoilers -- when we return on Aug. 14th.



Sock Girl said...

The suspense is killing me!!!
And now I want pizza on top of it all.

Paige said...

Do yourself a huge favor and have an Italian beef sandwich and an Italian lemonade while you're there. I'm salivating just typing it...

Robin said...

Now I'm craving Giordano's stuffed pizza and an Italian beef sandwich. All from one quick check of your blog.

Enjoy the pizza. :) And Chicago. It's a great city. I lived there once upon a time.

Christina said...

Enjoy! I sure loved my time there :-)

The Art Institute was not the same without you, but it was still a wonderful place to be.