Friday, November 03, 2006

Halloween Treats?

The boys came home from trick-or-treating with buckets overflowing with goodies. There is lots of chocolate, fruit candies, sour candies, etc. But, I found a few really strange "treats" in the stash:
  • sugarless hard candy
  • granola bar
  • a few pieces of that nasty bulk Brach candy from the grocery store
  • packet of green Nestea, made with Splenda
... and the all-time strangest thing: a box of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. Huh? Wild Thing actually chose that one from the goody bin in front of a neighbor's house. I don't know what bothers me more: that someone put this out as a treat or that my kid was actually dumb enough to take it. Things that make you go "hmmm'.

Despite the mountains of chocolate here, I find I'm raiding their buckets mostly for those Sweet Tarts that are packaged to look like Smarties. I liked Smarties a lot, but I love Sweet Tarts.

What's your favorite Halloween candy?


Sock Girl said...

If we aren't counting my post trick-or-treating Keith's Red (because I'm guessing liquor would be illegal to put in a kids treat bag), my favourite treat, at Halloween or any other time, is *anything* chocolate.

mimi said...

Oh, miniature Twix, by far.

BunnyBubblette said...

Reece's cups

Rambling Mom said...

Favorite Halloween candy?? M&Ms, the official candy of Mike, Mary, Mandy, and Matthew

MLL said...

My favorite are the little miniature Reeses. My 2nd favorite are the Kit-Kat bars.

Mom of 4K said...

Halloween isn't Halloween without peanut butter kisses (aka Maryjanes). They are what my grandmother and I would sneak to eat together in the back yard by the apple trees.

Christina said...