Saturday, November 04, 2006

Upcoming Elections

Here in the nauseatingly reddest part of the red State of Florida -- Republican gubernatorial candidate, Charlie Crist, called it "Republican heaven" -- early voting closes today. I was extremely glad to see long lines out the door of the public library -- lots of people eager to vote. However, it appeared very few of them did their homework. We have an 18-page ballot: lots of judicial elections and retention elections, several constitutional amendments and county referenda. I can't imagine going into that ballot cold, without having read and thought about my vote.

At any rate, I was unable to go up to Sarasota last week for a live taping of NPR's "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me," the news quiz show. We listened to it this morning, and I wanted to share a couple of the panelists' humorous predictions for the mid-term elections.

Roxanne Roberts predicts that Katherine Harris will lose the Senate election and that Harris and Mark Foley will establish the Former Florida Representatives' Defamation League. Bwahahaha.

Paula Poundstone predicts that, for a change, all of Florida's votes will be tallied accurately. So. Not. Funny. In a related story, the Collier County Supervisor of Elections claims that this Tuesday, unlike in the primaries earlier this year, the county's votes will be tabulated efficiently and in a timely manner.

Regardless of my politics, get out there on Tuesday and cast your vote for yours.


Rambling Mom said...

To bad you missed "Wait Wait," I've been able to go to a taping. If we find out on Monday that my spouse still has a job, I plan to get tickets to another taping in the near future. It's a great time.

Krista said...

Going to a "Wait Wait," does sound like fun. I love catching it on NPR. I have definitely done my homework on my sample ballot and am looking forward to my civic duty tomorrow. I find all the "retain this judge in office" to be a bit tedious so to be safe I just say NO.